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Customized Business Training (In House)

The Objective:
You will experience hands-on interactive seminars designed to re-enforce your learning. You will take part in projects that will allow you to expand your horizon and make a real difference in your department.

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You will receive a quote for Business training: If you successfully complete the 6 day program and the exit test, you would be eligible immediately for certification from the AAPM.

Please specify: Dates, location, number of learners to be trained, the length of the course and the type and nature of the course you desire from the list below. Also state the facilities and equipment provided on site.

Business Training Programs

2 Days
Seminar on the Basics of Project Management - Introductions and refreshers.

6 Days
Principles, Standards and Practices of Project Management (MPM Master Certification Class).

2 Days
Project Management Test Prep (for any general project management evaluation).

2 Days
Effective Project Management for Contractors.
3 Days
Team Leadership Principles for Project Managers (for Lead PMs and other managers and teams).

2 Days
Management refresher course - designed to realign the learner with corporate vision.

2 Days
Change management refresher course - designed to upgrade skill sets necessary to effectively manage change.

2 Days
Leadership and goal setting course.
Ethical leadership and effective follower course