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We serve practitioners and organizations with standards that describe good practices, globally recognized credentials that certify project management expertise, and resources for professional development, networking and community.

If you desire to achieve Globally Recognized Project Management Certification : then the American Academy of Project Management ® is the first to provide Graduate Certification. The AAPM ™ is a Global Graduate Board of Standards offering graduate credentials to Project Managers.

AAFM ® Certifications are globally recognized. Certifications Charters and Designations in Wealth Management, Risk Management, and as a Financial Planner , Financial Analyst, and Economist. AAFM ® is Home to the CWM ® Institute for Wealth Management and AAFM ® Founded the US CWM ® Certified Chartered Wealth Manager ® Program.

SamaT Consulting is an independent professional service provider and technology consulting firm that specialize in systems integration, multimedia services and third-party solutions.

Project Success=Business Success! We re-engineer individuals and organizations for performance, through project management training,process management, people management,and advance technology training and performance consulting.

At Cornerstone resources we provide academic and professional training solutions across west africa. Working in conjuction with our international partners we open the door for international students to study remotely and gain internationally recognised qualifications. All our courses are fully accredited with local training centres offering students the full support they need to become successful in their chosen field.

Flexibility, accessibility and academic distinction are the hallmarks of the University of Atlanta. When you enroll in any of the programs offered by U of A, you set out on an exciting venture; you enter into a universe of unbridled opportunities. Join the University of Atlanta’s exciting global community and begin your new intellectual journey today.

The world of the new millennium will demand a new group of workers who are responsible and competent. Iverson Institute provides training for some of the most desirable, rewarding, and vibrant professions. Our graduates are prepared for in demand occupations including: Master Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Nail Technologist, Paralegal, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Surgical Technologist and other demanding occupations...

We are one of the world’s leading organizations providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services, with more than 293,000 employees; offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 56 countries; and net revenues of $28.6 billion for fiscal 2013.

Working with our strategic partners and forward-looking organizations, we build economically advanced cities and organizations designed around the human body with a large dose of sustainability. This combines pregenerative ideas with sustaining engineering. We believe that the marriage of technology and social utilities is only possible when the individual feels at one with his environment.

Chicago Custom Stones, is a premier, full service designer, fabricator & installer of kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops and fireplace surrounds, as well as other products for residential and commercial applications. We produce and engineer specialized custom stone for all applications, appliances, homes, businesses.

Goodmans recognizes that every situation is unique - business and personal. Thus, with over 80 years of professional tax and accounting experience, our firm is able to provide customized solutions for every situation. Our business revels in the success of your business.

PMRG courses are continuously updated with new research, case studies, and insights from instructors and participants to offer new paradigms and practices that deliver fresh insights, effective tools and techniques, and cutting edge methodologies that provide the rigor and intellectual challenge required to compete effectively in the decades ahead.

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