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Specialist Training & Development (Pregen)

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Training and development are crucial to the effectiveness of leaders and their organizations. We call this "Pregen".
The implementation of training has implications for:

  • Productivity
  • Health and Safety
  • Personal Development

"All organizations employing people need to train and develop their staff. Most leaders and organizations are cognizant of this requirement and invest effort and other resources in training and development. Such investment can take the form of employing specialist training and development staff and paying salaries to staff undergoing training and development."

--Dr. Bethel Erastus-Obilo - President of Piccadilly Brainiz Institute
Why Specialist Training?

Investment in training and development entails obtaining constant and frequent professional training that enhance the skill sets of leaders and their subordinates. It also means that those employed in the organization's main business functions, such as production, maintenance, sales, marketing and management support, must also direct their attention and effort, from time to time, towards supporting training development and delivery. This means they are required to give less attention to activities that are obviously more productive in terms of the organization's main business. However, investment in training and development is generally regarded as good management practice to maintain appropriate expertise now and in the future.

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